Workflow Patterns and BPMN

Business processes can be automated using Workflow Management Systems. The choice of a Workflow Management System is an important step for every organisation because the amount of modeling and implementation effort invested over time is significant. The choice of such a system is based on functional and non-functional requirements. The workflow patterns can be seen as a systematic guide for the functional requirements. The workflow patterns explain the modeling features a Workflow Management System may and can be used to compare different options.

We started with the 43 workflow patterns on control flow and have analysed how they can be modeled in BPMN and how they can be implemented in Camunda. The results are published in the form of a series of Youtube videos that has started in 2023 and will be finished in 2024:

Youtube playlist on BPMN and Workflow Patterns

The BPMN specifications of this series are contained in the supplementary material and are ready for download. If you want to be informed about upcoming videos subscribe to the channel, hit the bell, etc., etc. – you know the game…

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