Why Rheni?

Rheni GmbH is a consulting and information technology services company founded in 2006 on the Business Campus of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University. Rheni is situated on the Rhine in the economically thriving Cologne-Bonn area.

Rheni combines long-standing experience in the broad field of business information systems with the verve and the innovative spirit of excellent young employees. Rheni’s range of production covers business process automation, software development and service operation. Rheni is a service provider and competence centre for the YAWL Workflow Managment System. Among Rheni’s customers are large service providers in the tertiary sector.

The origin of the name Rheni As rivers originate from a source and grow through tributaries, experience and new ideas come together at Rheni. The Romans called the Rhine river Rhenus. Names of rivers are in many cases the oldest layer of geographic names and often come from Celtic times in our part of Europe. An initial “r” is found in many river names. The Rhone originates in the same country as the Rhine. Ruhr and Rur are two tributaries of the Rhine, and a Röhr flows through the Sauerland mountains. Ancient language relationship is found in the Greek phrase panta rei (everything is in flux). This is how the name Rhenus can be interpreted as the “flowing, hasting” and thus become the symbol of the world’s principle of being.