What can we do for you?

With a highly qualified team of workflow modelers and software developers we can support you in the following areas:


Workflow management systems must be integrated into the existing IT-landscape. Each organization has it an existing IT architecture, which consists of standard software components, databases, document management systems, office solutions and more. Workflow management systems can take over the role of orchestration, and make the vision of a service-oriented architecture become reality.

We can give you advice on how to integrate YAWL into your existing or planned IT infrastructure. We can tell you which standard components are necessary to build a process aware software solution that fulfills your current and future requirements.

Workflow Modeling

We can model your business processes with BPMN or directly with YAWL.

We develop a first set of workflows in a series of interactive workshops with your subject matter experts. We can teach your own workflow modelers how to adapt workflows and develop new ones.

Integration into your IT-Infrastructure

YAWL will be integrated into an application or portal. Furthermore, the interaction with other IT systems in automated tasks will further enhance the functionality of your workflows. We can write the glue code for you and enable your own software developers to write this code.

Extensions to YAWL

We can extend the functionality of the YAWL system for your specific needs. This can consist in the creation of your own customised user interface to the work queue or the integration into your own portal solution for example.

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