Business Process Management

In almost every organisation, there are business processes that one would like to automate using information technology (IT). These comprise so-called core processes that are unique and important for the organsation as well as minor routine processes such as an "application for leave".

On the one hand, standard software is often too inflexible for such processes. On the other hand, the development of custom software with traditional programming paradigms can be expensive. Thus, in many cases, substantial automation gaps between standard software components remain and processes are carried out using a mixture of paper, office documents, and e-mails.

Whenever business processes involve numerous organisational units or even customers and suppliers they may be a candidate for automation by so-called Workflow Management Systems (WMS). WMS allow for a clean separation between the process logic of a workflow, the required data and the required human or machine resources for each step.

Modern WMS have an enormous potential for creating flexible web-based IT-systems in a cost-effective manner. Ask us!